Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day off? Well, it doesn't sound familiar

Today was a true day off, in spite of all the cleaning I have left to do and the fact that I'm due in for work tomorrow at the nameless corporation to work on unidentified stuff.

Laughing Boy and I were about to get a very late lunch, and he suggested we go out to Pasadena. A long drive, but he figured we never have an entire day off just to do something because it's fun.

He's right. Since we're both freelancing, we're always running home to upload something. Or dropping by work to pick up or return some piece of equipment, or find some file that is right there on the computer, but no one else can see. Or popping out a last minute project that they need tomorrow, but didn't remember until today.

So tonight, we walked around old town, deciding between this place and that for a full 45 minutes, never mind the heat.

An Ahi appetizer, a Lemon Drop and a Cosmopolitan, and two Pepper Steaks later, we're back home with a peach tart in the fridge for dessert or breakfast, and far too pleased with ourselves.

Happy summer!

So THAT'S what a day off feels like!


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