Saturday, July 01, 2006

What is the sound of one post posting?

It's hot today, as June in the LA area usually is. I took the Banana Dog to the local park (not a dog park...) last night, and she had a blast. She goes absolutely ballistic when she sees another dog, and can't understand why they just walk by when she wants to say "Hi". We have another dog at home, but she's tiny and old (inherited from my boyfriend's grandmother) and she won't have anything to do with Banana Dog. At all. We are keeping the house split into Banana's half and Doodles' half. (No, these aren't their real names. Yes, they're relieved too.) Just for now. Until Banana is old enough to start some real training and learn some manners. Doodles is so small Banana could do some serious damage as she gets older and bigger. The cats, of their own volition, prefer Doodles' half.

The boyfriend, who's in a similar line of work, is sleeping in today. A full time musician in a former life, he still is most functional when he can sleep until 2 pm and stay up until 4 or 5 am. I'm a night owl myself, so I can understand. Although I'm more of a 11 am-to-2 am person. The good news is that the few hours I have to myself before Laughing Boy gets up are a great time to get some me-things done, if I can find some caffeine and get myself moving.

Today, though, is all about checking in on some of my old-favorite and new-favorite blogs. I'm new to having a blog, obviously. But I have been reading several of them regularly for a couple of years.

I haven't told my boyfriend or any of my other friends about the blog yet. Don't know why. I think it's because I want to see what I have to say when it's just me.


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