Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Commence Mockage in 5... 4... 3... 2...

The only time I ever had a car I loved, it was a twenty-plus year old early 60's british roadster. It would get me there, but never back. Of the 14 years I had it, it ran 7. Still, for me it was a great car and I never wanted to sell it.

I could never get away with driving one of those today. I sometimes haul around large pieces of electronic equipment for work, and you can't fit even one of those in a roadster. And when I'm scheduled for work these days, they actually expect me to show up. On time. So a car that doesn't break down is part of my transportation RDA.

My "new" car is not a great one. No one will ever envy me for having it. It has no style. It is not pretty. It looks like every other 4 door sedan out there. Frankly, it looks like a rental car. But for me, it is perfect.

Why do I love this car? Stupid reasons.

1) It has a trunk. I can now leave something in the car and run into the store for some milk without coming out to find my window broken and glass debris where my stuff used to be.

2) While it is very used, and had almost 100,000 miles on it when I bought it, it looks clean. No bondo. No doors screwed shut with plywood and drywall screws. No doors you can't open from the outside, no windows you can't roll down without a vice grip. No tail lights replaced with colored plastic, silicon gel, and/or duct tape.

2) Power steering. This is my first car ever with power steering. My last car was a late 80's mini pick up. Getting it into and out of a tight parking spot made my wrists ache.

3) Cup holders. I've got four of the suckers! I could drink an iced coffee, a diet soda, a vitamin water, and still have an empty spot for my drive thru milk shake!

4) It's an automatic. On a really bad day, it has taken me two hours and fifteen minutes in rush hour to get from one end of LA to the other for work. In a car with a bad clutch, after a 10 hour work day running gear around on concrete, when you still have to drive home? Not fun.

5) A CD player. No more bickering morning DJs for me!

Look at me, driving a car younger than your average high school senior! I'm in love with my old lady car. Can you ever forgive me?


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