Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How To Know They're Lying

They are lying if any sentence begins with the following:

- I don't mean to be rude, but...

- There I was, minding my own business...

- God no (your name here), I would never do that to you!

- I would hate to get a reputation for**
...not paying on time
...bouncing checks
...not being truthful
...(insert misc. vice here...)

It is amazing how many people will announce to your face exactly what they're already planning on doing to you by, out of the blue, denying it for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately, none of these will help you when listening to our current administration. I think with them, your hint has got something to do with their lips moving.

Happy Independence Day!

** This lovely ditty means that they already have a reputation for what ever vice they've listed, and they're trying to see if you've heard it. If so, they'll have to hire someone else, as you won't buy their lies and excuses for nearly as long as someone who doesn't know what they're really like.


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