Friday, August 04, 2006


We - Laughing Boy and I - have not had a true vacation in the eight years we've known each other. By true vacation, I mean getting on a plane and going somewhere for more than 48 hours.

We have traveled to the next state over for weddings, a single day at a time. We have driven an hour and a half north to Santa Barbara or Ojai for the weekend three times.

But no jaunts to Europe, weeks in Hawaii, Caribbean beaches with a drink in hand and days to soak up the sights, fall in love with the culture.

I was very spoiled when I was dancing, getting paid to tour parts of the world I had always longed to see. Japan in first rate hotels with a modestly generous per diem and full days off to explore is an experience I will always be grateful for. The two months I spent in London, put up in a small ground level flat while we traveled the country by van from venue to venue, let me soak in one of the most expensive cities in the world and still come home with more money than I started with. Very, very spoiled.

I miss traveling. It resets my brain, reboots my operating system.

Next year, I say, every year. I want to go to Italy, see France, visit the Van Goghs in the Netherlands. Australia, Jamaica. Someday.

In the mean time, I'm enjoying the world one blog at a time.


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