Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stupid Things Lead to Greatness

Stupid Things That Shouldn't Be So Great, But They Are:

Summer and Sandals

You know when you're wearing heavy winter shoes, and the bottom of your foot itches? And you try to wiggle your foot around in the shoe, hoping something, anything, will rub against the spot and it will stop itching? Only that just makes your sock brush every so lightly against the sole of your foot so the itching gets worse.

I bet your foot is itching right now!

Finally there's nothing for it but you have to take your shoe and sock off to get at the itch.

But it's summer right now, and you've got your sandals on. So when the dreaded bottom of the foot itch hits, you can get to it without taking anything off. You can scratch, and scratch, and scratch.

Of course it's hot, so your foot is all sweaty. You may want to use a pencil or something.

And people are gonna look at you funny.

But still.

Mid-Week Days Off, 3:30 pm

This is the moment you realize that the daylight getting things done part is almost over, and pretty soon it's going to be the time you usually get off work. So after that it will be like any normal week night. Dinner, clean up and then go to bed early so you can get up the next day.

But 3:30? Hey, you've got this day off and you've finished with whatever it was that kept you out of work in the first place. Might as well have some fun.

Before you know it, you're shopping, or at the bookstore or library. Or having dessert and a coffee. Or a milkshake. Or going to an early matinee. One of the above usually leads to happy hour or calling your Sig Other up to go out to eat instead of making dinner. And pretty soon, you're not getting to bed early.

Not Drying The Dishes

I know. They get all spotty. But come on, how many other chores do themselves if you just walk away? None, snookums. This is it, you might as well enjoy.


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