Saturday, July 29, 2006

Boy "Cows" Don't Have Udders

We're off to see Pirates of the Caribbean. But if I have to sit through that Barnyard trailer one more time, I'm going to run out screaming.

Bulls don't have udders. And the big, pink, four-teated rubbery udders on the male bovines in this trailer make me shudder. All my brain wants to do when I see them and simultaneously hear the obviously male voice actor is transform the anatomical inaccuracy into a bizarre, freakish quadro-limbed... um, boy-thingie. And I have to close my eyes and look away.

Shame on you, animators. You freakin' me OUT!

Ninja Poodles has a longer blog on this same topic, re: everything that is wrong with this trailer. So it's not just me! And, luckily for her, minus the perverse visual association problem I had with it. She's obviously a better person than I. She's a funny lady with a funny site. Go forth and read it!


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