Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Think March Can Outwait Me

I thought I could beat this month, but it is a sneaky little bugger. Is it over yet?

Although Banana Dog has recovered from her life threatening bout of internal hemorrhaging, my sister had a freakily similar post surgery crisis (at least the hospital allowed the EMT's to bring her in without making them pick her up...).

She had to go via ambulance back into the hospital this past weekend, where they finally figured out she had a 90% blockage and an 85% blockage that they somehow missed the first time, but now that they'd noticed it, they had to fix it. So, they went right in and did the stent thing. Which went fine until they were taking out the gear. Somehow, they caused a "
retroperitoneal bleed", which meant she lost about 4 pints of blood (40% or more of the blood in her system) from the back side of the femoral artery into the back of her abdominal cavity... her BP dropped to very bad levels, heart rate plummeted too. They rushed her up to the ICU, where they gave her several units of blood and managed to bring her back, but it sounds like it was a close one.

The scary thing is, because of the last bout of bleeding after sticking the camera in the same way, they were prepared for problems and it still went all haywire.

The good news is, she's home and feeling better. And her chest feels good, finally, because of the increased blood flow. Bad news is, her BP is way up because she can't take her BP meds. But she should be back on them soon.

Fingers crossed!

Hey, March, if I promise to sit in the corner and not make any trouble, will you lighten up?


At 7:12 PM, March 23, 2007, Blogger Calamity Jen said...

How terrifying. I'm glad that your sister is feeling better now.

Only one week left of March...


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