Sunday, August 06, 2006

When Pigs Fly

Yesterday, we went to the County Fair north of us. Our friends' young daughter had entered two pieces of art, and they wanted to go see how she did. Best in division AND best in class AND a first for one of them, and a first for the other! She and her family were tickled, and rightfully so. And I must compliment the judges on their excellent taste.

My camera phone died, so I couldn't take pictures. But Laughing Boy did indulge me with a teeny tiny zoomed in picture from his camera phone of the pig races.

It was either that shot, or the back end of a goat. Don't ask.

We also saw, thanks to Deus Ex Machina, our very first correctly identified Emo boy. Before this, I'd thought they were just pathetic punk/goth hybrids with an astonishing lack of taste. Now Laghing Boy and I know that they really want to look that way. On purpose. Curious.

In other news, we came back early to let Banana Dog out of her kitchen playpen so she wouldn't have to hold it all day. And then, in a feat of courageous daring, when we went back to meet the others for dinner, we left her out alone with the run of the house and yard for the first time.

Drum roll please...

She ate... Just one fortune cookie! She managed to get the wrapper off the cookie before she ate it, but the fortune wasn't so lucky. She eats paper as often as she can get it, so I'm sure she was pleased we'd bought the special crispy filled cookie.

That's it, the rest of the house was unmolested! She did half knock down the gate between her part of the house and Doodle Dog's half. But she didn't jump over it, which is strange. We'd put the cat food, papers, dvds and remotes, and Doodle on that side for safety,and all was untouched.

The judges awarded her a well deserved "Best in House" for that.


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