Friday, August 04, 2006

Who Are You And What Have You Done With My Banana?

Banana Dog had to go back to the vet today because they noted her chart wrong and had her down for one more round of shots. So, no shots and everyone gave her treats. She did have to be dragged kicking and screaming onto the scale (yup, she's a girl all right), but other wise was fine. She did three good solid "sit" commands just perfect for them and got more treats. A good vet visit all around.

On the way back, I took her to the giant grass-and-trees park next to a golf course. There was a good half a football field length of trees and green green grass to frolic in. We'd gone to the hiking trail parks several times, but no open grassy parks yet so I thought she'd be excited.

We trotted half way across. She sniffed and ran, sniffed and ran (on leash). Peed. Sharp left to the next tree. Then her head snapped up, she looked across the park, and we ran back the way we came. I thought she'd spotted something she was interested in, so I was happy to follow her. Nope. She had spotted my car. Trotted right up to the passenger door. Sat. Tilted her head in a perfect RCA-dog impersonation, and whined.

She acted like I'd just taken her to the world's largest bus terminal restroom, and she wanted to get back in the car before she caught anything.

"Banana! Let's go! Go for a walk?"

"No, thanks. I already went. Home now."

WTF? My dog just dissed the park!


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