Friday, September 15, 2006

Songs of Life, Songs of Joy

No, I don't have any songs for you. Sorry. But the antibiotics have swooped in and allowed me to take a full breath for the first time in weeks. My coughing up a lung is down to a few times a day, and I actually slept through the night last night for the first time in who knows how long.

And, joy of joys, Laughing Boy is feeling better too. It's amazing how responsible I feel for his every ache and pain when he catches whatever I have. Luckily, he had a couple of days warning that it was coming, so he loaded up on vitamins and zinc. So he hasn't been as sick.

Work is still trickling in, which is also good. Just enough to keep solvent, and yet a light enough workload to get through while sick. Hmmmm. It's just all going toooo smoothly. My paranoia meter is ticking ever upwards.

But while we were laid low, we had Terry Pratchett books to keep us amused, and "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" along with the latest season of "Arrested Development" DVDs to watch. So, when you toss in the convenient hot Thai chicken soup delivered, in spite of the occasional 11 hour work days it was more like being home from school sick. You're really glad you're not at school, but you're pissed off you're too sick to truly enjoy lying on the couch watching cartoons all afternoon. I feel a bit sorry for sick kids home from school without cable today. Instead of hours of Brady Bunch reruns and Loony Tunes anvils, they've got Jerry Springer and Maury to while away the tedious afternoon hours.

Obviously, I'm not quite well enough to be let loose on an unsuspecting internet, what with the half coherent babbling and all. But it's nice to be back anyway!


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