Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm A Survivor

So, the cold's still here, but we've reached an agreement. I sit still as much as possible and, in exchange, it lets me get my work done. The annoying double cough every two seconds is my house arrest ankle bracelet, reminding me not to stroll too far from the bed and fluids.

Not to turn this blog into "What Did Banana Destroy Today?", but... Oh, come on, you knew there was a "but"! While I was out cold yesterday, Banana Dog slaughtered my little ficus that was in a pot on the back porch. She danced me out there so proudly, I could see she had no idea that this was not something that I would look on with the joy and contentment of a job well done. The "bad dog!" took her completely by surprise. She ended up putting herself into a time out in her pen, with the door open, and wouldn't come out until I sat on the floor with her. Which doesn't mean she won't continue her reign of terror in the backyard. Total herbological annihilation is her ultimate goal, and she's getting there remarkably quickly.

In other news:
Douglas Adams said, "I love deadlines! I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

The good part of freelancing is where I get to sit here, coughing on my keyboard, taking naps whenever I must. As long as the work gets done, they're pleased. The bad part is, while I strictly adhere to their firm deadline for getting the work done, they never seem to pay any attention to my firm deadline for getting paid. For that matter, they never pay attention to any sentence that contains the word "pay", for fear the word "check" would follow close behind.

Perhaps if I go in and cough on them until they find their pen.


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