Monday, October 16, 2006

I Want My HGTV!

We don't have cable. No cable, no satellite tv. And when we originally got cable (long since cancelled), the installer clipped off our antenna line from the roof and pushed it back through the floor, lost now somewhere under the house with all the black widow spiders. So we've got no reception of anything.

It isn't some "moral high road" choice, don't get me wrong. We don't think we're superior to TV. After all, working on TV shows covers our mortgage most months. We'd originally just cancelled the cable when we had some down time in hiatus, and wanted to save some money. Not coincidentally, the decision was made right after an evening of 3 and a half hours of channel surfing and only finding one show we actually ended up watching all the way through. When we cancelled it, we figured we'd hook it back up in a few months, and in the mean time maybe we'd get some stuff done.

Oh, we're not totally back in the dark ages. We have a DVD player so we've got all the HBO TV shows from Netflix, albeit a year late. And my tiny 13" TV in my office has half broken rabbit ears, so I get four fuzzy channels, if I'm really bored or I need to see an episode of some show I did some work for.

You'd think we'd have cable and a huge plasma TV, living in LA, and working on TV shows and movies, and having a guy in the house. There's sports! And Xbox! But I lucked out and, in our nearing-extinction free time, Laughing Boy would rather do stuff than watch stuff. (Score!) We do miss "The Da1ly Show" and a few of the other shows from Com3dy C3ntral. But I know why, really, Laughing Boy isn't in a hurry to replace our connection to the outside world.

Saturday mornings. And HGTV. Followed close behind by The L3arn1ng Chann3l. I think it was the day where there were two different mini-marathons, one of Hous3 Hunt3rs and one of Trad1ng Spac3s, that he snapped.

I loved Hous3 Hunt3rs. I'd probably still love it, if we had us some cable. But back when I got addicted, we'd just bought our house and the first few shows seemed to be in neighborhoods just like were looking through in LA. Laughing Boy didn't say anything, but the look on his face said enough.

Someday, I will once again be able to waste an entire day drooling over other people's countertops, or cringing at Doug's designs on Trad1ng Spac3s. Until then, I'll be haunting the news stands, peeling back the covers on all those decorating magazines, hiding them under my bed, and tearing out pages of insanely expensive glass bathroom tile, bamboo flooring and tansu chest cabinets.

Until then, you might not want to mention The F00d Chann3l around a certain Panda. Me sad.


At 8:21 PM, October 16, 2006, Blogger Calamity Jen said...

Oooo, Hous3 Hunt3rs... I've only recently discovered that program and I can understand your past addiction. Real Estate Wednesdays keep me glued to the set and make Scott very, very nervous.

Several years ago I lived without a television for a number of months. I don't remember what I did in my spare time. I must have been catatonic.

At 9:30 PM, October 16, 2006, Blogger panda said...

I thought I would get so many deep and profound things done if I wasn't watching TV 2 hours a night.

What have I done the last few years, you ask? Um. Well. Hmmm, I... no. Ok, well I... no, not that either.

Okay. I KNOW I've done something, because it's three years later...




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