Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oh, Nothing

This could be one of those posts that reveals the horror of working all but 5 hours of a 48 hour period, and hitting three deadlines spot on with only 3 hours sleep in all that time. Of working 127 hours for two clients/one boss over an 8 day period, only to have my boss pitch a fit because I couldn't manage to be in two places at once, after the fact.

Did that last sentence make any sense to you? Me either. But he's truly pissed.

As am I, since I covered 3 full shifts while only being paid for two of them... and am getting blamed for not being able to cover a 4th shift that noone asked me to cover until I got crap for not having done it. I know I give off the vibe that the space time continuum applies to everyone but me, but even I am not that good.

But that sort of a post would bore even me, and after 8 solid hours of - blissfully - uninterrupted sleep, I've lost interest in the righteous indignation. And truly, at this point I would only be trolling for a couple of "poor yous" from my trusty commenters. And how pathetic is that, really.

So I will just collect the pay and spend the money. And the next time they hit the triple shift mark, I'm cutting them off. Cold turkey. I may even stick my tongue out while doing it.

So in honor of my not jumping through their invisible hoops, here is a list of things I may be doing today. And for those of you who wonder why "working my butt off just so I can get yelled at" is not on the list, you've obviously been skimming. That's the spirit! Good for you!

Things I Will Be Doing Today

- eating leftover chinese food
- watering the plants
- avoiding the sinkful of dirty dishes
- indulging my home-improvement (aka home-decorating-porn) magazine fetish
- getting stomped on by a seven month old lab
- not vacuuming
- ignoring the cell phone
- not getting yelled at
- nothing
- getting purred at by a cat or two
- petting the Shi Tzu, who is back in happy-dancing form (hooray!)


- consuming at least one eclaire, creme brulee, or piece of key lime pie, while ignoring the correct accent marks required in typing the first two. I scoff at your punctuation, foreign languages! And I consume your desserts anyway! I'm a rebel that way.


At 7:17 PM, October 04, 2006, Blogger Calamity Jen said...

Poor you! (Somebody had to say it.)

Enjoy that Chinese food and the decadent desserts. You deserve it!

At 8:51 PM, October 04, 2006, Blogger panda said...

Aw, Calamity Jen! You always spoil me! That caps off my hooky-day quite nicely.

Give Ferris a kiss!


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