Thursday, April 16, 2009

It Can't Be April... It's Snowing!

I just got back from a job in St Louis, where it snowed on the first day of the Cardinal's opening game.

Crazy weather. But great for breaking out the hand knits I don't get to wear much here at home. Which brings me to the shot I promised you lo, so many weeks ago. Mariah, finished:

There are also three other partial-sweaters in various stages of "time out", waiting for me to address their various not-insurmountable problems. The good news is, I have actually managed to finish an entire sweater since then, the "Owls" sweater, by Kate Davies. But that one's waiting for some eyes for the owls. And maybe me losing a few pounds before I model it.

And I thought I was joking when I told Laughing Boy that I'd have to get a manicure before I showed off my birthday present. But after taking a few dozen pictures trying to get one I don't cringe at, I think I may be hiring a hand model for the next couple weeks...

Yes, that's the left hand ring finger. And of course, I said yes.