Saturday, February 10, 2007

2007? Already? Oops.

I could point to my regular crazy schedule to explain my absence, and add defensively that I've spent the entire last work week in bed with the flu. And all that is very true. But really, I can explain it best by posting these pictures.

With much help from Laughing Boy, and by the grace of a couple of Christmas bonuses, presents and post-Christmas coupons and clearance sales, I have been busy turning this:

(note, if you will, the two very old tube monitors and small TV with broken rabbit ears overrunning my desk, the two foot plus of wasted floorspace between the "L" leg and the window behind it, and the mountains of junk peeking from every nook and cranny...)

Into this:

The computers I have hooked up to my luscious new LCD screen are both over six years old, but they sure look pretty all gussied up in their new 24" finery!

And for those of you who have noticed that I didn't clean up before I took the pictures, I am going to rest the back of my trembling hand against my forehead, mutter something about "the flu...", and pretend I only now noticed the debris littering the floor.

I will spare you the pictures of the bags and bags of flotsam and jetsam I tossed ruthlessly from the space, but I've still got a ways to go. Note the overflowing baskets of papers, etc. shoved into the corner between the window and the bookcase, if you want a giggle...