Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The job got pushed back, and pushed back, and then just fell through. Apparently the folks who'd been lined up to pony up the financing weren't in a position to make the promises they'd made. So the whole company isn't going to happen, not just my job. Which is much worse news for the great folks who'd spent months trying to make this happen. I can't even imagine what they're going through.

Obviously I'm hugely disappointed. Not to mention that the reasons I quit haven't changed and will not change. So yeah, there's that. Back to the old slog.

Because I quit, I've lost a couple of key jobs due to my not being available when the shows were being booked. And I'm sure I won't be first - or second or third - in line for any new projects this fall, due to my defecting in the first place. So finances this fall will be a shambles, pretty much.

But it could be sooo much worse, as at least for now I have an old job to go back to.

Ah well, the world keeps turning.