Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April! Come On In, Have a Seat!

March is gone, and - at least by me - completely unlamented.

Not to jinx it all, but to recap:

Sister called last weekend, to tell me (for the first weekend in a month) that she was NOT in the ER/ICU/Surgery/having a heart attack.

Banana Dog is back in rare form, although obscenely hyper because Laughing Boy and I have been on set all week, on different shows. Thank god we've got a dog walker to come in and spoil her during the week when it's like this! Expensive, but worth every penny.

Refi went through, and the only paperwork blizzard I still have to look forward to is taxes. I know, I know. I'll probably get a chance to do them sometime during the week next week, if pilot season calms down.

LB has drastically changed his diet, for preemptive medical reasons. He's not sick, but his body wanted him to eat healthier. He's down 5 lbs already, and I'm down 3.

Cats and Doodles are fine, although one of the three totally shredded an 8-inch square of our hall carpet yesterday. It was so old and ratty, though, LB and I didn't have the energy to get into it at the time. We've got some leftover carpet in the garage, so we'll patch it when we get a chance.

Please, April. Be gentle with me. I'm really not into the pain, honest.


At 5:26 PM, April 04, 2007, Blogger Calamity Jen said...

If even April Fool's Day was kind to you, I think you'll be fine this month.


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