Monday, November 06, 2006

Sit Up Straight!

I didn't want to be one of those Rachel R-a-y bashers, and I certainly didn't want to turn into somebody's cranky Grandmother... But I just saw her new talk show for the first time, and Oh My. She was sitting slumped so far forward, she looked like her shoulders were higher than her ears. No neck at all. I know she doesn't usually look like that, so somebody needs to tell her not to slouch.

Before today, I only had one problem with Rachel R-a-y. It was the whole "EVOO" thing. When she uses her very own extra special shorthand for Olive Oil, "EVOO", she says, "EVOO," and then she has to explain it. "EVOO, you know Extra Virgin Olive Oil, E.V.O.O." An abbreviation, Rachel, is supposed to abbreviate things. Make them shorter, take less time. You could have pressed a vat of the stuff in the time it takes you to explain what you meant.

I hadn't seen her show since we cancelled my HG TV / Learn1ng Chann3l lifeline, so I had no idea how incredibly manic she's become. She used to be chipper, but nothing I couldn't handle after 11 am and two cups of espresso. But now, she's bouncing around like an 8 year old with ADD who finished off the box of Cap'n Crunch before moving on to a bottle of his mother's "diet pills".

I need a nap.


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