Sunday, April 22, 2007

Does Cramming include All Nighters and Snacks?

LB and I have joined a gym. I let my "lifetime" membership lapse a few years ago at the other gym when we were both out of work, and have been too lazy/cheap/overworked to rejoin since. But along with the free personal trainer sessions, to "get the most out of the experience" - we like to have "experiences" here in california - we get a free fat/fitness evaluation test. Yes, they said test. And since I am a freak of epic proportions, I have spent the ensuing days between signing up (Wednesday) and the "test" (Monday) cramming, aka working out and dieting.

So I won't be so fat and weak when I REALLY start going to the gym.

May the mocking commence.

Now if only there was a crib sheet big enough to hide my ass.


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