Thursday, August 02, 2007

Down the Rabbit Hole

No work to speak of for 3 months, and then... WHAM! Down the rabbit hole. Working on two tv shows, both in their second seasons. One of which is very popular with fans and critics, so that's great.

But it makes doing any computer work over and above the regularly scheduled mayhem a bit iffy. For one thing, the computer is often tied up rendering, even if I had any brain cells left.

Anyway, hi! Missed you!

Things around here are about the same.

I found some cute beaded flip flops (yeah, it's California) to wear with skirts. Love them.
So does Banana Dog. (Yum! Beads!)

She also ate six pairs of my underwear (I'll spare you the pictures), and the fringe off an area rug.

The porch roof came out great.

The bedroom remodeling... hasn't.

The contractor, bless his flaky little soul, swore he'd come by/have a crew out four different days in one week. Never showed. Never called. Finally showed up randomly on a day the week after he was supposed to. He didn't call ahead, just came by at the crack of dawn (without his work crew, mind you). We were both home (asleep, duh, because it was EARLY), but he didn't ring the bell. Just wandered around our backyard, peering in the windows. And then called later to say he came by, but couldn't get in. Um, yeah. We've got this new technology, called a front door. You could try knocking on it. We've even got one of those new fangled things called a "door bell".

And our floor manufacturer had a problem with the color on our order, so it shipped a month late. Allegedly will be arriving next week... maybe. At least we got the windows.

Too bad the contractor hasn't felt the urge to actually put them in yet.

Still, the painting is in progress (thanks, LB!).

I helped a bit, with rolling on the first layer, and sponging the unobtrusive bits. It's going to be gorgeous, but Instant Gratification Woman is taking a beating.

Doodles has demanded that we let her hang out in the front half of the house, but I can't imagine why. Banana Dog frolics all over her the minute she moves 1/2 an inch. Or stands right on top of her and pokes her with her nose, trying to make her do something interesting (ie stompable).

Still, they both seem happy enough. Even though Doodles spends a lot of her time here...

The Princess and Handsome Boy are both well. Handsome Boy has taken to hanging out by the hallway door, waiting to touch noses with Banana Dog as long as someone has a firm grasp on Banana's collar.

The Princess just stands back and yowls.
I found The Princess, one day, hanging by one claw. That claw was stuck in Banana Dog's neck. They were both standing perfectly still, looking more than a little sheepish. I detangled them, and neither seemed too upset. The Princess can corner the Banana and drive her out of a room in under ten seconds, so if you're taking bets, I wouldn't put my money on the 75 pound Labrador.

Banana is too rambunctious for unmonitored contact, but once the construction is done, they'll all be allowed free range and I think they'll work it out.

The knitting is... going. I knitted a shrug, but the sleeves are so long I could use them for stockings for a giraffe.

I realized the first arm was way too long when I was halfway through the second arm, but either I had to make arm 2 the same length as arm 1, or end up with one arm the correct length and one arm 5 inches too long. And because a shrug is knit from one cuff, up the sleeve, across the back, and down the other side, redoing it would make me cry. Still, it is actually shrug shaped, and not too lumpy, so it's really only half a failure.

Then I knitted a boat neck sweater, but because of my uncertain grasp of the stretchy properties of open weave patterns plus a very stretchy yarn, it turned into something a sumo wrestler could wear.

It was knit to gauge before I assembled it. But a soon as I stitched up all the seams and put it on, it began to stretch. And stretch. I haven't put it on again, for fear it would turn into a refrigerator cozy. Or eat the house.

So for now, I'm setting my sights a little lower. I'm knitting a basketweave scarf. And a sock.

The sock should actually fit.

That's all for now, but I've been tagged for a meme by BWB, so I'll be back soon.


At 5:41 AM, August 11, 2007, Blogger HAR said...

Good luck with the show and all of your projects! Love the animal pictures.

At 1:28 PM, August 11, 2007, Blogger panda said...

Thanks! It's nice to be working again, and the cast and crew are great which is a big plus.

At 6:09 PM, September 03, 2007, Blogger HAR said...

It sounds exciting to me!


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